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Music Lessons
At The Music Place, we tailor our lessons to the individual‘s musical needs. We take into account age, experience, and personality. Some people learn things differently than others.

Our students learn the type of music they are most interested in. Our private instructors can focus on a student‘s strengths or weakness without worrying about an entire classroom of students. The lessons will move at your pace.




We make a point to really listen to our students and understand their musical goals as well as figuring out their musical needs. This allows us to tailor our lessons to the individual.

This is the reason so many have chosen The Music Place. We find out what kind of music you like, and then we set some goals. If you love the music you‘re working on, progress comes so much faster.

You name it, we teach it. All kinds of rock, jazz, bluegrass, classical, and so much more..

We have ten instructors, all with either a music degree or extensive professional experience. Our instructors are here to help you achieve your goals. You will learn the music you want to play and have loads of fun doing it. Their enthusiasm is matched only by their patience. You‘re going to absolutely love these music lessons. Quality music education doesn‘t have to be boring.

GUITAR LESSONS - ages 8 and up
Our guitar instructors teach all styles of guitar lessons on electric and acoustic guitars. Beginner students can expect to work on chords, simple songs and melodies, and a little bit of reading. We balance musicianship and fun by making sure that each lesson you are challenged with a new concept, but always mixed with something fun such as your favorite riff or song. We frequently ask students to bring CDs or their iPod to their lesson. For younger students we tend to use guitar method books that we customize to their needs. We also teach banjo, ukulele, and mandolin.

PIANO LESSONS - ages 5 and up
Our piano instructors teach a variety of styles from jazz to classical to popular hits. No matter what you want to learn, our instructors are happy to help. Our piano instructors will show you the fundamentals of proper technique and reading, but they will also incorporate your favorite songs into your lessons. Our piano teachers are fun and enjoy sharing their love of music with you.

Our drum instructor can teach rock, metal, jazz, funk, blues and many other styles. Hand drumming and orchestral percussion are no problem. From absolute beginners to advanced students preparing for an audition ­ we got you covered. Students will learn proper technique and reading, as well as the drum parts to their favorite songs. Beginners do not need to purchase a drum set to begin lessons, they can begin with a practice pad and a pair of sticks. Our drum room is fully equipped with two drum sets, hand drums, and many other percussion instruments.

VOICE LESSONS ­ages 8 and up
We focus on popular music - rock, country, R&B, and jazz. Students work on ear training, breath control, diction, and more all within the context of popular music. We not only teach singers, but also actors and instrumentalist who want to enhance their skills.

Our horn program is excellent. Many students come to us to prepare for school band. Others come here to learn Jazz, funk, and other styles that your school might not teach. Want to learn to improvise? Call now!

Our violin students learn a variety of styles from classical to bluegrass to jazz. You‘ll learn reading and proper technique, but it will be done through fun music that you want to learn.

Need an instrument? We are proud to be an affiliate of Music & Arts, the nation‘s largest rental company for band and orchestra instruments. Click here for more information.

BASS LESSONS ­ ages 8 and up
Our bass guitar instructors teach blues, funk, jazz, R&B, reggae, and all kinds of rock bass lessons. Beginner students should can expect to work on their favorite songs while learning proper form. Experienced students will focus on creating basslines as well as learning more advanced techniques.

Monthly tuition is $100 for months containing four lessons.
Monthly tuition is $125 for months containing five lessons.

All lessons are held once a week, at the same day and time.


Lessons are scheduled on a first come, first served basis. Please call now to enroll, or click here!

2204 Highway 35
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Closed Weekends

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